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Product Review: OneTouch Verio Flex

Review of OneTouch Verio Flex

Verio Flex Meter

OneTouch Verio Glucose Monitoring (HCP) (Verio Flex Glucose Meter and ProResults Diabetes Management Software)

I used the OneTouch Verio Glucose Monitor for about a month when my doctor told me I needed to monitor my blood sugar levels on a more regular basis. I don't like the idea of pricking my finger over and over again that often, but it certainly beats paying lots of money for lab tests! The OneTouch Glucose Monitor is very easy to use; all you have to do is plug in your test strip (you can get these remanufactured which is a great money saver) and wait for the results.

I actually like that there's no coding required because then if I pass it to my husband or friends they can also use it to monitor their blood sugar levels. The OneTouch Glucose Monitor is very easy to read too; the screen has big, bright numbers that show exactly how much your blood glucose level is within 10 seconds.

The OneTouch Glucose Monitor is simple enough that anyone can use it, even kids. It's also FDA approved which means it's safe to use. All in all I would definitely recommend this Glucose Monitor because it works fast and the cost of the remanufactured test strips are very affordable.

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