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2021 Holiday Gift Guide for People with Diabetes

Shopping for someone with diabetes can sometimes be challenging. Most of us living with diabetes love diabetes accessories, but what should you choose? Below is a list of some of our favorite diabetes accessories to shop for in 2021!

Diabetes Supply Bags

Chances are, the person in your life with diabetes carries around a bunch of diabetes "junk." Help make their diabetes supplies look less "medical" with a supply bag from our wallet line, Sugar Medical, or Myabetic! 


Peelz Wallets

Sugar Medical


Insulin Vial Protectors

Insulin is the 6th most expensive liquid in the world... do not let your loved one with diabetes lose a single drop. Help protect their vials with Vial Safe Protectors! 

Vial Safe

Diabetes Apparel

Help your favorite diabetic wear their diabetes with pride and get them some fun diabetes themed shirts to show it off! Check out our apparel line and our friends over at Dia-Be-Tees.

Peelz Apparel


Low Blood Sugar Supplies

Stuff their stocking with low supplies! You can use small packs of candy like skittles or smarties or you can shop small with Glucose SOS! 

Glucose SOS

Pump Cases

Insulin pumps can cost upwards of $10,000 and deserve to be protected! Protect your friend's pump in style with a pump case from EDC Solutions T1!

EDC Solutions T1

Peelz and Patches

Last but not least, stuff their stocking with Peelz and patches from us here at Pump Peelz or get them a Peelz gift-card so they can choose their own Peelz, patches, apparel, or wallets!

Happy Holidays and thanks for shopping small this holiday season! 



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