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Motivation from David (@type1livabetic)

Motivation from David (@type1livabetic)

Our friend David, @type1livabetic, always has just the right words if you’re having a bad diabetes day. We loved his most recent post and wanted to share it with you! David has always been a Peelz fan. He loves his Dexcom G6 over patches from Peelz and always has his t:Slim X2 decked out as well. David, you rock! 

”BE KIND TO YOURSELF TODAY (no matter what diabetes may try and throw your way)

We often times beat ourselves up over the fact that diabetes mishaps were thrown at us, but we gotta show ourselves some grace and gratitude daily for the way we handle those moments.

Be kind to yourself in this life with diabetes today and every single day. We are all doing our very best!”


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