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OmniPod-Dash Pump Peelz

OmniPod Dash

The OmniPod Dash is the newest addition to the Omnipod DASH System lineup, which provides wirelessly controlled and monitored pump therapy.

This article will cover the basics of what you need to know about this product including how it works, what are some key features, who is it for? What are drawbacks associated with using this system? Read on to find out more.

Tubeless Insulin Delivery Systems

The OmniPod Dash is the newest addition to the Omnipod DASH System lineup, which provides wirelessly controlled and monitored pump therapy for people with diabetes. It offers advanced technology in one device that continuously delivers insulin around-the-clock, including during exercise and sleep. The Omnipod Dash comes packaged with three pods, each of which can be worn for up to 3 days before replacing.

The key features of the Omnipod Dash include:

Two simple parts of Omnipod DASH include Pod and DASH touchscreen PDM (Personal Diabetes Manager). The Pod has the electronics, tubing, and catheter that delivers insulin to your body via your skin. The pod is worn outside the body on the abdomen or other areas where it won't be rubbed by clothing. It's held in place with an adhesive that sticks directly to the skin during the three day period. The Pod cartridge houses the insulin (up to 200 units) you need while wearing your Omnipod DASH.

The OmniPod Dash touchscreen is an integrated functional display that is used to wirelessly program and control the OmniPod.

Pod Structure and Design

The OmniPod is a custom-designed lightweight pod that contains a insulin reservoir and tubing. The OmniPod eliminates the need for external infusion sets because it adheres to the skin of the abdomen or leg with two soft adhesive contacts. Everything you need for insulin delivery is contained in one pod structure.

Who is the OmniPod for?

The OmniPod Dash is intended for use by people with diabetes who want or need a sophisticated, fully waterproof device to manage their blood glucose levels around the clock. People who can benefit from the OmniPod Dash include:

People who want the convenience and discretion of wearing their pump on their body for three days at a time without having to disconnect it People who want technology that allows for wireless programming, insulin delivery and continuous glucose monitoring in one device

Can you use your CGM with the Omnipod DASH?

Unfortunately, you can not use the Omnipod DASH in conjunction with CGMs such as Dexcom G5, Abbot Libre and Medtronics Minimed products because it is not compatible with these devices.

Automatic Priming and Cannula Insertion

Automatic Priming and Cannula Insertion allow for one step setup, making the Omnipod Dash even easier to use. The Pod and PDM will guide you through the priming and insertion of the cannula during pod placement.

The Pod detects when it is attached to your body and automatically turns on, allowing for uninterrupted insulin delivery while you sleep.

When will the Omnipod Dash be available?

The OmniPod Dash is now available for order through customer service and select healthcare providers in the US and Germany.

Where can you purchase the Omnipod Dash?

The OmniPod Dash is available in many US pharmacies and medical supply stores, including:

Amazon CVS Walgreens Albertsons Safeway (available online) Sam's Club Rite Aid Apria Target United Pharm

Accessories for the OmniPod?

Pump Peelz provides the highest quality accessories for the OmniPod Dash system on the market. The team at began customizing the OmniPod using stickers back in 2011 and has since developed thousands of designs that are custom fit for the system.

In 2017, Pump Peelz launched OmniPod Patch tape product that allows for better adhesion to the skin. Each OmniPod tape is custom printed with thousands of designs to choose from. The tape keeps the pod adhered to the body for the full 3-day period and is fully waterproof.


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