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Confetti Patch+ Medtronic CGM Tape


Secure your Medtronic CGM with our Patch+ tape . Our Medtronic tape is custom fit for the CGM and is fully waterproof to extend the life of your Medtronic sensor. 

  • Superior Breathability
  • Lightly Stretches for Comfort
  • Waterproof
  • No Fraying
  • 15+ Day Wear Time
    *There may be slight color variation or images may appear less vibrant when printed on Patch+ Medical Tapes. **Confetti Pattern is printed to resemble the look of confetti but does not contain actual confetti or provide a sparkle effect.

    Need help with application? Check out our YouTube video!

    *Backing may appear slightly discolored due to the nature of laser manufacturing. This does not effect the design or effectiveness of the patch.