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New-Year-New-Products Pump Peelz

New Year, New Products!

The new year is here and is in full swing. We are staying super busy, though, trying to bring you new products to decorate your diabetes devices! 

If you look around the site, we have launched a few new Peelz lines this year, including ones for the Livongo InTouch and OneTouch Verio Sync! We are also working on one to fit the Bayer Contour Next Link meters (that also fits the regular non-link version as well) so that Medtronic users can also mix and match their pump and meter skins! And, we've also added the Pebble Time Peelz to our lineup as well, and they will work on both the Time and Time Steel!

We also have started a new line of Dexcom transmitter Peelz, so that you can dress up your transmitters to match everything else!

Dexcom Transmitter Peelz options


Why be plain when you can personalize? Not that being plain is bad, but if you’re like me, a little bit of personalization makes it seem not so drab to use the medical equipment I have to use every single day. I like that I can mix and match patterns or choose a pattern and get it for all of my things. Either way, seeing that little bit of design makes me happy. That’s why I love Pump Peelz. I can change things up quickly, keeping my d-devices looking fresh and cute.  

Speaking of fresh and cute, PumpPeelz has 30 new designs to choose from this season! A few favorites that we have in our store are the Crystalized and Watercolor Heart patterns. But the top favorite right now is the Amethyst Sparkle for the Dexcom transmitters. Who doesn’t love a little purple sparkle!? Dexcom Transmitter Peelz

As always, we want to do our best at not only making good, quality peels of you, we also want to be the best we can in our customer service to you. We love what we do, and we want to make sure it shows! If you’re not happy with your order or if you have any problems applying your peels, please reach out to our friendly customer service team by emailing us at hello (at)  and referencing your order number. 

Thank you guys for your continued support and helping to make Pump Peelz a success! Wishing you all the best in 2016!

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