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Unlock Your Style and Confidence with Pump Peelz Dexcom G7 Patches

Unlock Your Style and Confidence with Pump Peelz Dexcom G7 Patches

At Pump Peelz, we understand the importance of personal expression and the need for diabetic care devices that not only function optimally but also align with your unique style. That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce our latest innovation: Dexcom G7 patches designed to offer durability, comfort, and flair to your glucose monitoring routine.


Elevate Your Diabetes Management Experience

The Dexcom G7 Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) system represents a significant leap forward in diabetes management, offering real-time glucose readings directly to your smartphone or Dexcom receiver. However, ensuring your CGM stays securely attached, without compromising skin integrity, is where Pump Peelz Dexcom G7 patches come into play. Our patches are engineered to enhance the adhesion of your CGM, ensuring it stays put through daily activities, showers, and exercise sessions.


Designed with You in Mind

Our Dexcom G7 patches are not just about function; they’re a fashion statement. With an extensive collection of designs, from vibrant patterns to subtle textures, you can find the perfect patch to match your outfit, mood, or special occasion. Our patches allow you to showcase your personality and make your diabetes management device an accessory rather than a necessity.


Quality You Can Trust

At, quality is at the heart of what we do. Our Dexcom G7 patches are made from premium-grade, skin-friendly materials that are breathable, waterproof, and hypoallergenic. This means you can wear them comfortably for up to 10 days, coinciding with the lifespan of your Dexcom G7 sensor. Each patch is precision-cut to fit your Dexcom G7 perfectly, ensuring your CGM’s performance is never compromised.

Easy Application and Removal

We believe that managing diabetes should not be more complicated than it has to be. That’s why our patches are designed for ease of use. Applying your pumpPeelz patch takes just seconds, and removing it is just as straightforward, leaving no sticky residue behind. Our patches also help protect your skin from the adhesive on the CGM itself, making your diabetes care routine as comfortable as it is stylish.


Join the Pump Peelz Community

By choosing pumpPeelz for your Dexcom G7, you’re not just getting a high-quality product; you’re joining a vibrant community of individuals who share your journey. We love seeing how our customers personalize their diabetes care devices and encourage you to share your stories and photos with us. Together, we’re not just managing diabetes; we’re redefining what it means to live with it.


Ready to Transform Your Diabetes Care?

Browse our collection of Dexcom G7 patches today and discover the perfect blend of style, comfort, and confidence. Your diabetes management device should be as unique as you are, and with Pump Peelz, you can wear it proudly. Visit to explore the full range and take the first step towards transforming your diabetes care experience.

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