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Friends-for-Life-Seattle-Friends-of-CWD Pump Peelz

Friends for Life Seattle - Friends of CWD

This year, we are honored to be Friend Level Sponsors at all three Children with Diabetes Friends for Life conferences. Never heard of CWD or FFL? Check them out at! 

March 17th-19th, we had a booth at Friends for Life Seattle. Between educational sessions, we had toe opportunity to meet some of our West Coast Friends for Life and share Peelz with them. We handed out over 200 patches! We also had the opportunity to interact with our partners at Dexcom, OmniPod, Tandem, and more. We had such a great time sharing our products with local reps so that they can help their patients and customers make diabetes more fun. 

Want to see if CWD is coming to a city near you? Check out future events here!

See you in Orlando, CWD! 

-The Team at Peelz 

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