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Diaversary Celebrations - Do You Celebrate?

The day you are diagnosed with diabetes is a day that changes your life forever. Some of us refer to that day as our “Diaversary,” and we choose to celebrate the day like a birthday! I personally celebrate my Diaversary with some sweet treats and fresh new custom decor for my diabetes devices such as my t:Slim X2 insulin pump and my Dexcom continuous glucose monitor. It always seems more fun to decorate my devices for my Diaversary because I’m usually in the mood to show off my bravery in the form of my devices being visible and pretty! 

One of our sweet customers and Medtronic pump user, Alyson (@farquhar28 on IG) just celebrated 30 years of living well with type 1 diabetes. We think that’s pretty incredible and wanted to highlight her here and wish her another 30 years of thriving with T1D! You go, Alyson! 

If you’re living with diabetes, don’t forget to celebrate every achievement, large or small. You are amazing!


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