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Creative-Stickers-for-Your-Insulin-Pump Pump Peelz

Creative Stickers for Your Insulin Pump

Where to find stickers for your insulin pump?

Use Peelz stickers to customize the look of your insulin pump. Peelz are a creative way to customize the look of your insulin pump, Dexcom, Freestyle Libre and more. There are many companies that sell accessories for pumps, such as covers and cases. However, Peelz offers something different. We custom manufacture thousands of stickers designs that can be put on top of the most popular insulin pumps and diabetes devices. Although these stickers do not change the function of the pump, they are a fun way for people with diabetes to create their own personal style.

Star Wars and Pokémon Stickers for Dexcom?

Star Wars is one of the most popular films of all time and we get asked all the time if we're making Peelz and patches for Dexcom to match. If you love a wide variety of Star Wars characters such as Darth Vader and Stormtroopers you'll love our Light Speed design featured here.

For anyone looking for specific characters choose the 'create your own' option in our menu to upload your favorite images and photos for us to print.

Use the create your own feature to upload prints for your wedding.

Why not have some fun and get creative with your pump or glucose monitor? Upload your favorite photo, a color swatch, or even a piece of your dress for us to print on to add a little style on your special day.

Click here to start uploading:

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