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Pump Peelz Mystery Patch Packs - Your Style Upgrade for Only $5!

Pump Peelz Mystery Patch Packs - Your Style Upgrade for Only $5!

Are you ready to add a dash of personality to your medical devices without breaking the bank? Look no further than Pump Peelz Mystery Patch Packs! For just $5, you'll receive three carefully curated patches to jazz up your gear and express your unique style. But the excitement doesn't stop there - these patches are a mystery, adding an element of surprise to every pack.

What's Inside the Mystery Patch Packs?

Our Mystery Patch Packs are packed with style and versatility. Choose from three exciting varieties:

1. Holiday: Keep the festive spirit alive all year round with our holiday-themed patches. From cheerful snowmen to twinkling Christmas trees, these patches will spread joy wherever you go.

2. Boy: Adventure awaits with our boy-themed patches. Whether it's dinosaurs roaming or rockets blasting off, these patches are perfect for the little adventurers in your life.

3. Girl: For the fashion-forward and creative souls, our girl-themed patches offer a variety of charming designs. Think glittery unicorns, elegant flowers, and adorable animals - everything needed to make a statement with style.


Compatible Devices

Our Mystery Patch Packs are compatible with a wide range of medical devices, including:

- Dexcom G6 and Dexcom G7

- OmniPod

- Medtronic CGM

- Libre 2 and Libre 3

No matter what device you use, we've got you covered - literally!


Why Choose Pump Peelz?

1. Affordable: At just $5 for three patches, our Mystery Patch Packs offer unbeatable value.

2. Express Yourself: With our wide variety of designs, you can express your unique personality and style.

3. Easy to Apply: Our patches are easy to apply and remove, making it simple to change up your look whenever you want. See how to easily apply your patch in less than one minute here.

4. High-Quality: Made in our warehouse in the USA from durable materials, our patches are built to last and withstand daily wear and tear.


How to Get Your Mystery Patch Pack

Getting your hands on a Pump Peelz Mystery Patch Pack is easy:

1. Visit our website and choose the compatible device for your patches.

2. Select your desired variety: Holiday, Boy, or Girl.

3. Complete your purchase for just $5 and await the arrival of your mystery-packed surprise!


Upgrade your medical device with style and flair with Pump Peelz Mystery Patch Packs. For only $5, you'll receive three patches that are sure to turn heads and spark conversations. With a wide range of designs and compatibility with popular devices, there's something for everyone. Don't miss out on the fun - order your Mystery Patch Pack today and let your style shine!

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