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Thousands of Happy Customers Worldwide
Thousands of Happy Customers Worldwide
Behind the Book: T1D Looks Like Us

Behind the Book: T1D Looks Like Us

The following is the story behind Morgan's book, T1D Looks Like Us, in her own words: 

"This past August I published my first book, T1D Looks Like Us: A Type 1 Diabetes Story, which is intended to teach children about Type 1 Diabetes in an easy to understand format that embraces diversity and inclusivity. Many ask, what made you want to write a book? This question always leads me to the very beginning of my journey with Type 1 Diabetes. When I was diagnosed at age seventeen I was fortunate to have a lifelong childhood friend with T1D who was by my side since day one. Having witnessed a bit of her life with diabetes, I felt confident that my life would not be defined by this diagnosis. Over the next decade I learned how to incorporate T1D into my life through participation in JDRF events and the Children with Diabetes Friends for Life Conferences. During this time, I became interested in the mental health aspect of living with lifelong conditions so I began pursuing a Masters degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. In 2016 I graduated from the University of Dayton and became a licensed professional counselor. Through all these experiences I felt led to write a book about T1D for kiddos who do not know others with T1D and for children who know someone with T1D to learn about it. 

        T1D Looks Like Us is narrated by the main character Rose. Rose is 9 years old and has had T1D for two years. She is an introverted gal who sometimes struggles to share about her T1D with others. After teaching us a little about Type 1 Diabetes Rose meets Zoey, Liam, Amos, and Grace. They all live in different countries, have unique abilities, and manage their diabetes differently. Yet, they all live well with T1D in their own way! This brings Rose so much confidence as she learns she is not alone. Rose becomes pen pals with her new friends and they now share their lives with T1D with one another. 

       I hope this book can be used by parents, teachers, and other educators/healthcare professionals to guide conversations about Type 1 Diabetes for those living with it as well as those learning about it. The book includes many opportunities to discuss issues surrounding T1D including mental health, bullying, and different ways of managing diabetes. Each time I hear from a family who purchased my book, it brings me so much joy and hope as this life with T1D is never easy. The diabetes community, both in person and online is so incredible and I am thankful to have contributed to it in a very small way."



You can find 'T1D Looks Like Us' by Morgan Bednarczyk at the link below:

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We would like to recognize the illustrator, Hayley Moore. You can check her out here:

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