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NEW! Create Your Own Feature!

Today, we are super excited to announce a brand new and even easier to use interface for our "Create Your Own" insulin pump skins platform.

Now you can upload your own image and add design elements such as shapes or text!

To help you save time and get the most out of the new functionality, we created this quick post that shows you step by step how to select, design and add your custom creation to your cart.

To begin, go to our main shop page at Pump Peelz and select the Create Your Own link in the link banner:

Next, you'll need to select the product for which you are making the Peelz:

When you click it, a window will drop down with the picture of the design cutout as well as a link that says "Add To Cart" and "more options". Do not click those, but click the product outline photo instead:

You'll then be taken to the Designer page, where you can add your own photos, images, text or design elements.

Click on the picture icon to search for and place photos or designs you have into the design area. Once the photo or design is loaded, you can then move, stretch or rotate the image however you need to for the best fit.

When the image is stretched, you may not be able to see the outline of the product. To ensure that the image you have loaded is aligned the way you want, click the icon under the "Helpers" section that is an arrow down. This will not shift the image down on the page, but rather it will place the image below the cutout template so that you can align it how you need to. 

From here, you can either add more design elements or add text if you like!

When you are finished, click the "Add To Cart" button for your design to be added into your cart for checkout. 


We hope that you enjoy using our new Create Your Own insulin pump skin feature! Right now, we are limited on design elements to choose from, but we are planning on adding more later. If you have any suggestions for elements you'd like to see, send me an email at scott (at)! We'll do what we can to add them in to the selections. Let us know how you like it!

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