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2020 Holiday Gift Guide for the One You Love with Diabetes

Shopping for someone with diabetes can sometimes be challenging. Most of us living with diabetes love diabetes accessories, but what should you choose? Below is a list of some of our favorite diabetes accessories!


Pump Holsters

Does the diabuddy in your life use an insulin pump? Then you cannot go wrong with a good pump holster from our friends at EDC Solutions T1 or Type 1 Tactical.


Diabetes Supply Bags/Cases

If you love someone with diabetes, chances are you have seen them fumbling through a large bag full of supplies. Help simplify their life with a stylish supply bag from Myabetic or Sugar Medical!


Insulin Vial Protectors

There is no sense in crying over spilled milk, but, spilled insulin is worth crying over. Help your diabestie prevent a shattered vial tragedy and stuff their stockings with some silicone vial protectors from Vial Safe!


Low Blood Sugar Solutions

Low blood sugar is a drag. Someone with diabetes would love some glucose powder from Glucose SOS to help save their life next time they are low!


Diabetes T-Shirts

Making lemonade out of diabetes? Our friend David is! Head over to his shop and check out the fun accessories he has to offer.


Pump Peelz 

Boring pump and CGM got you down? Pump Peelz has just what you needed to help the person with diabetes in your life feel proud to sport their diabetes tech! Don’t know where to begin? Buy them a gift-card so that they can pick the Peelz that best fit their devices and their personality!


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