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2019 Freestyle Libre Gift Guide

The Freestyle Libre offers a great alternative to the Dexcom G6! Take a look at our fully customizable Freestyle Libre accessories.

Freestyle Libre Tape

The Patch+ is the perfect Freestyle Libre adhesive. With a 15+ day wear time and a fully waterproof design this diabetic tape will show no sign of fraying or peeling during its use. Looking for a Freestyle Libre sensor patches that are gentle on the skin? This is the one! 

Shop the Patch+ Collection Here

Freestyle Libre Stickers

Peelz are durable stickers that are custom fit for both the Libre handset and sensor. With hundreds of Freestyle Libre covers our product line has something for everyone. 

Shop Freestyle Libre Stickers Here


iPhone skins to match Freestyle Libre

iPhone Cases to match your Freestyle Libre

One of the greatest features of the Freestyle Libre is being able to use your iPhone as a glucose monitor. In fact, most people use the phone exclusively instead of the handset. Once you have your custom adhesive patch and matching sensor stickers you'll be ready to match your iPhone to complete the look.

Shop iPhone Cases Here

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