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Oh-Baby-Emily-and-Scott-are-expecting Pump Peelz

Oh, Baby! Emily and Scott are expecting!

   If you haven't already heard, we are expecting our very first baby this October! We are just thrilled and overwhelmed by all of the excitement and well wishes. Our little guy is already so well loved. Thank you to everyone who has reached out with congratulatory wishes! Your support and love means so much to us!   
   Since our announcement, we have had many questions and fellow T1Ds reaching out wanting to know more about our journey thus far with type 1 diabetes and pregnancy. We've answered some of your questions and we also included some personal photos and tidbits from the past several months.
  When did you find out you were pregnant?
- We found out on February 23rd. 
How have you been feeling?
- I am feeling great now! The first trimester was challenging. Morning (all day) sickness kicked in around week 7 and stayed until almost week 14. It was constant nausea, fatigue, and occasional vomiting. Just like most T1D women, I had low blood sugar levels all through the first trimester which made sick days really challenging. Until about a month ago, I was still doing MDI. MDI works very well for me but everything changes in pregnancy. To keep up with all of the changes, my CDE and I decided it was best for me to go back on the pump. The pump will allow me to make precise changes to my basal rates, ISF and carb ratios that I will need as the pregnancy progresses. After being back on the pump (Animas Ping), I wish I was on the pump during the first trimester when I was so sick. Balancing already low blood sugar and vomiting is tough on MDI! Thanks to my Dexcom, I managed to get through it with my monthly HBa1c ranging from 5.6 to 5.5 and now 5.3 
  One of the worst symptoms I had while experiencing morning sickness was the lack of interest in liquids. I could barely get a glass of water down. I tried flavored water, sparking water, fruit infused water, lemonade, juice, etc. I just could not stand it for some reason so we had to get creative to keep hydrated. I started getting more liquid from other sources like popsicles, Jello, ice, watermelon and other fruits. Getting liquid from these alternatives to a glass of water helped me to feel better,  kept me hydrated and got me through the first trimester. Now, drinking liquids isn't a problem but I have zero interest in drinking any form of coffee - which is okay! 
  What are you craving?
- I have been craving berries (raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, and strawberries) and plain New York style Cheesecake - not together though. 
  How does diabetes effect your pregnancy?
- How doesn't it effect pregnancy?! As I said before, it is common for women to have lower blood sugars throughout the first trimester and sometimes even into the second. In the second trimester and throughout the rest of the pregnancy, most women experience elevated blood sugars as the baby and placenta grow causing insulin resistance from all of those extra hormones. While it sounds scary, hitting the insulin resistance stage is a good sign as it shows the pregnancy is moving along and baby is growing. It just requires frequent monitoring and changes to basal rates and insulin to carb ratios. Because T1D women are considered to be high risk in pregnancy, we get better monitoring and good care! I go to a maternal fetal medicine practice that has a staff of full time CDEs who are always checking on me and taking care of my diabetes concerns. I see the maternal fetal medicine doctor only (no OB) every four weeks for now. Once I am approaching 30 weeks, I will be seen more frequently. T1D pregnant women also get more ultrasounds which is a great thing! You get to see that sweet baby you're carrying more than most other pregnant women.
  Throughout the entire pregnancy, it is crucial to have good control of blood sugar levels. It is recommended to have an a1c less than 6, fasting blood sugars between 60-90, and a one hour post prandial blood sugar level lower than 130. I have to admit, these levels intimidated me and still do! However, it is achievable. Not everyday is perfect. I still have good days and bad days but overall everything is going so well. I am healthier than ever and baby boy looks absolutely beautiful.
 baby boy at 12 weeks
  baby boy at 18.5 weeks
Do you have a name picked out?
- Yes, we do! You'll have to wait until he arrives to find out our little guy's name!
Let us know if you have more questions! Until then, here are some bump photos.
week 7
week 14
week 17
week 19
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Cori - June 16, 2016

Congratulations to you both! Sounds like you are doing a fantastic job with your A1C. I have to beautiful kiddo who I carried while wearing a pump. I wish I had had my dexcom when I was pregnant. It would’ve been a life saver. Keep up the good work!

Aunt Lea - June 15, 2016

You look absolutely adorable and healthy as can be. Prayers and hugs to you and Scott and baby boy. Can’t wait to meet him. Love you and miss you.

Michelle - June 15, 2016

Congrats!!! Baby boys are a blessing. I was blessed with three.

Kim - June 15, 2016

So happy for you guys!!!!!

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