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Thousands of Happy Customers Worldwide
Thousands of Happy Customers Worldwide

What is the Freestyle Libre?

Freestyle Libre is a glucose monitoring system that uses small disposable sensors worn for up to 10 days. A Bluetooth‐enabled mobile reader transmits data directly from the sensor to software on the patient's smartphone or tablet, allowing them to monitor trends and view historical information.

The Freestyle Libre system offers wireless glucose monitoring, as well as visible trends and historical data from a single sensor worn on the back of the arm for up to ten days. The small, adhesive patch can be used with both arms, providing flexibility of wear location.

Upon application, the Freestyle Libre requires minimal preparation on the part of the patient, making it easy to use. A small disposable sensor is applied with an adhesive backing that allows for a comfortable fit throughout the monitoring period.

Where can I get the Freestyle Libre?

The Freestyle Libre system is available in the U.S, through direct marketing to patients by Abbott Diabetes Care Inc., New Brunswick, N.J.

How does the Freestyle Libre work?

The Freestyle Libre system measures glucose in interstitial fluid (ISF) using Abbott's most advanced glucose sensor technology. The system uses Bluetooth® wireless technology to communicate results directly from the Freestyle Libre Sensor to the patient's mobile device.

For added convenience, data is stored on the app so patients can view historical trends and patterns. Freestyle Libre supports up to 10 days of glucose data at a time. The transmitter operates using one button cell battery, which lasts approximately six months. Data can be uploaded to many popular apps, including the free Abbott Diabetes Manager App, available in the Apple® or Android™ app stores.

What are Patch+ Freestyle Libre Patches?

Pump Peelz patches are a soft and flexible alternative to the normal adhesive used for the Freestyle Libre Sensor.  Patch+ is worn around the infusion site like to protect the pump site, provide comfort, and help adhesion for the entire usability of the sensor.

Where can I buy Patch+ Freestyle Libre Patches?

Patients with diabetes now have more options to help them manage the disease in a way that is most convenient for them.


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