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Instagram-Eye-Catchers-ft.-Mayra-and-Alyssa Pump Peelz

Instagram Eye Catchers ft. Mayra and Alyssa

This week (April 3-9, 2022) on Instagram we got to celebrate a diaversary and the start of warmer weather with some of our favorite diabuddies! 

You may recognize Mayra (@type1mua) from our social media, email campaigns, and website. Mayra is an incredibly talented makeup artist who loves to match her makeup looks to her Peelz. We LIVE for Mayra's posts! This week, she celebrated 11 years of living with type 1 diabetes. 11 years stronger, Mayra! We are so proud of you!


Another amazing young lady we enjoy seeing on IG is Alyssa (@alyssa.kostrzewa). Alyssa visited sunny Florida this past week and was rocking her Hawaiian Holiday Patch+ on her Dexcom G6. Thanks for sharing, Alyssa! Have fun in Florida! 


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