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Disney-Peelz-We-ve-got-you-covered Pump Peelz

Disney Peelz? We’ve got you covered!

Have you ever been browsing our site and haven’t been able to find quite what you are looking for? You’re in luck! Peelz is unique in that we offer the option for completely customizable Peelz. Using “The Custom Shop,” you can create Peelz to fit whatever look you are going for! From Dexcom G5 over patches, to glucometer Peelz, to insulin pump stickers, the options are endless.

Do you have a Disney trip coming up? Does your child love Barbie or Ninja Turtles? Are you getting ready to celebrate a big birthday? You can create your own Peelz for literally any of these events!

To start, you can either choose from our preset colors, text, and graphics or you can insert your own photos and make the Peelz even more unique! For my last few Disney trips, I’ve used The Custom Shop to create my own Peelz. I even ran a Disney race with custom Peelz made to match the race theme!


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Donna Green - January 27, 2023

Disney Tandem pump peelz please

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