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Halloween Bats Patch Peelz


Secure your device with style! Our Patch Peelz tape secures the Dexcom, OmniPod, Libre, and infusion sets. These adhesive patches are water resistant, hypoallergenic, and fun!

  • Hypoallergenic adhesive and latex-free, suitable for those with sensitive skin
  • Adhesive lasts up to 7 days
  • Easy removal, leaves no residue
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Pre-cut adhesive patches fit Dexcom G4, Dexcom G5, Dexcom G6, Omnipod, Libre, infusion sets and Medtronic CGM sensors
  • Water resistant*

Simply select your device and quantity! For product safety information click here.

    * For best results, avoid lengthy exposure to warm or hot water. We recommend applying Patch Peelz to clean and dry skin with no skin prep. Once applied, seal the perimeter with 3M Cavilon (or similar skin prep). If the edges begin to lift, apply 3M Cavilon with light pressure or use a hair dryer with light pressure to reseal. Avoid direct contact with lotions, powders or bath additives.