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California Dreaming Dexcom Transmitter Stickers

Dexcom transmitter stickers custom fit for the following options:
  • Dexcom G6 Transmitter
  • Dexcom G5 Transmitter
  • Dexcom G4 Transmitter
    • Constructed of durable, eco-friendly vinyl that won’t leave a residue on your device.
    • Engineered to ensure a perfect fit that won’t obstruct buttons or sensors.
    • Premium print quality brings each design to life.
    • Easy to apply.

Match your Dexcom G6 Receiver by clicking here!

** Please wear Transmitter Peelz at your own risk. Peelz should not interfere with any wireless or bluetooth capability. Should data loss or signal strength be effected remove the Pump Peelz product immediately. Pump Peelz is not responsible for any interference while using the Dexcom system.