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Thousands of Happy Customers Worldwide
Thousands of Happy Customers Worldwide



Pump Peelz voted Best D-Fashion at the 2015 Diabetes Oscar Awards

Best D-Fashion or Fun Design: Pump Peelz

This one was tough, since there are so many cases, covers, bags and accessories out there for our diabetes gear these days. But it's PumpPeelzDexcomLegosbeen fun for the past year or so watching the small biz Pump Peelz grow and expand beyond just diabetes designs. We featured this husband-wife company as part of our Small But Mighty series back in 2013, and it's been great to see them gaining so much momentum. What truly set this nominee apart is coordination with the new Lego movie that came out in 2014, giving D-fans the chance to sport a fun Lego-themed OmniPod or Dexcom cover! Great job mixing it up with the entertainment biz, and we can't wait to see what's next!

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Other Reviews:

"Ella has an entire collection now, and even though she does not like pod activations….after all, what kid would…. being able to pick out her Pump Peelz first makes a tough situation just a wee bit easier. Thank you very much for such a wonderful product….anything that can make a pod activation a positive experience is worth its weight in gold! And Pump Peelz are just that." - Judy L. 


"I've used your products before for my omnipods, and I absolutely loved them! I may be 23 years old and no longer a child, but products like yours do help make diabetes a little fun and I definitely plan on ordering more of your products in the future!" - Kassie N.


"I didn't expect a little color and flair to make a big difference in using Caleb's DexCom® G4 receiver. I was pleasantly surprised at how using the Minimalist DexCom® Peelz brought about a little cheer and excitement. It was easy to apply and provided instant gratification. It's like buying a new pair of shoes or getting your hair done - a little change now and then goes a long way." - Lorraine S.


"My daughter used to insist on only wearing her pod where it could be hidden under clothing on preschool days. Not anymore! Thanks to Pump Peelz, she is PROUD to show off her pod now! We love them!" - Paige S.




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