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Patch Peelz for Dexcom and OmniPod Directions:

We always recommend the following steps for using Patch Peelz:
1. Start with clean dry skin and ideally a newly placed sensor that has not yet started peeling back from the skin
2. Avoid water, lotion, or any oils for several hours after placement, if possible
3. If you have an IV prep (Skin Tac, or our best recommendation is 3M Cavilon) seal the patch's perimeter to help secure it to the skin to avoid any water seeping in under wrinkles. This step is not always necessary but can help allow for a longer wear time.
4. If the Patch Peelz start to peel back from the adhesive or skin, apply pressure and use a hairdryer to reseal the patch the the adhesive
* When removing Patch Peelz, rip the material from the center of patch cutout (by the transmitter) and peel from side to side like an orange until the patch is off the skin. If additional adhesive is left behind, please use baby oil and/or an adhesive remover (such as TacAway) if necessary. The removal can also be done on wet skin to help further loosen the adhesive. Avoid rubbing as it can cause irritation to the skin.